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    Employer / HR Support Services
What We Do Trainings Custom HR Support
HR Support Services:
  • Writing of HR policies and procedures
  • Writing of Job descriptions according to internationally renowned standards, and the client's job evaluation process, and organizational charts.
  • Developing HR Forms to meet HR Policies and procedures
  • Train HR staff on Customer Service best practices
  • Support management on strategic HR issues – Presentations, Analyses, Memos, proposals, etc…

Employee Relations (ER):
  • Supporting HR Management is Handling specific ER cases.
  • Developing Disciplinary, Grievance, and ethics policies and procedures
  • Supporting managers and supervisors as well as HR staff on dealing with ER issues
  • Training Managers and supervisors on solving conflicts and disputes
  • Supporting and training HR staff on archiving, documenting and reporting on ER issues
  • Evaluating, reporting and correcting the negative impact of ER issues on employee retention and engagement.

Employee development and training
  • Assessing Training Needs for HR staff
  • Evaluation of HR competencies for HR staff
  • Determine the nature of developmental activities needed
  • Supporting Management in deciding on external Training Providers when needed

  • Internal mass communications for large and medium size enterprises
  • Training of staff on effective business communications
  • Editing and publishing of internal employee newsletter
  • Development of mission statements, slogans, mottos etc… for internal purposes

Competency development services
What We Do
Editorial Media Services
HR Support Services
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Permanent or temporary. From Senior level to Junior level, Office-based to factory floor. Whatever the industry, role or level, B.S.O Professionals will find you the best people for the job. or the job.


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