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Want a big surprise? A surprise party event? A kid’s birthday animation party? A Lebanese Dinner or lunch? A romantic   bedroom? Any other Ideas? BSO Events can help you to do that. Come and Share with us all your brilliant ideas & we will help you to realize them. No matter what the  size of your party is, we can help you to make it special.

Always Remember: "The Sky Is The Limit…"


BSO can support you to choose your preferred location out
of thousands ones to execute your perfect anniversary. The
possibilities are endless& our special event staff members
and clients are professionals at making your dream a reality.

Grand Opening

Grand opening is a term used in business to announce the

official opening of a new location. Most opening ceremonies

have a planned agenda. "I AM TOO BUSY, I CANNOT PREPARE IT".

Calm Down! BSO is always ready to serve you. Your agenda will

be prepared by a professional team (guest speaker, decoration,

food, lighting, sound system…)

Fashion Show
From model management to fashion show management.
Relax & enjoy the show! BSO handles all aspects of production, venue, model casting, makeup,     hair, photography, styling, video, sound, program, book, press, media & show staging. We love working with people & that is why they enjoy working with us.

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