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Venue & Stand Development

Exhibitions are used to present and demonstrate your companies’ product. B.S.O. studies your objectives and provides a high quality,flexible and reusable in the stands that will attract your brand show floor.



Present and demonstrate your new kitchen equipment throughour well organized catering events.


 PR & Media Relations

PR & Media Relations are the most successful methodof communicating your value to those around you.We determine the event theme, the time, the place;target the right audience, audiovisual equipment, etc…

 Photo & Video

Our photography planner will be there for you whether you are planning a wedding, social event, birthday party etc…B.S.O can offer you what you really need. (Original images, digital images, portrait images, images on the spot, images provides on CD, images in various formats and much more choices...)Contact us to make your best choice.


 Celebrity Booking

B.S.O Event makes your event memorable forever for your guests with artists, singers, film stars,celebrities artists, comedians, bands etc…With very reasonable prices we are here to provide you optimum quality service tosatisfy all your needs.


 Promoters & Models

No matter which industry you are in, you will need promoters & models at one point or another.We strive to assist employers to Human Resource needs, we promise to bringsome best talents in the country at your convenience.These experienced, professional "Lovelies" know how to sell. BELIEVE US!



Design your exhibition through BSO will help you create attention and interestaround your information.We are by your side the whole way from preparation of original to final installation.


 Lighting & Sounds

The technical design and implementation create and influence mood of any event orpresentation.B.S.O. events provide a support service for exhibitions with the ability to providelighting, staging, screens, video production or sound system to make your stand,STAND OUT!




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