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Operation Manager   27 August 2019
Reference # : BSO-29331
Summary : | Ensure legal, efficient, professional and profitable operation of the assigned center
Description : | Generate and review financial reports, including budgets, projections, forecasting, revenue analysis, disbursements, labor and product costs, wage and salary control, P&L financial statements. • Author, review and amend policies & procedures, as required. • Oversee scheduling and labor allocation. • Evaluate recent historical sales purchasing data for the purpose of identifying purchasing patterns and accurate cost of goods. • Program and maintain the point of sale system to insure accurate. • Directs and assists supervisors in preparing attaining future goals. Control and follow up on all activates. • Reviews and assists in the development of menus and marketing plans with the appropriate department heads. • Establishes and maintains personal relationships with show managers, suppliers, vendors and the public that projects the center in a positive light. Qualifications • Ability to communicate with employees co-workers, volunteers, management staff and guests in a clear, professional and courteous manner which fosters a positive, enthusiastic and cooperative work environment. • Ability to make sound business/operations decisions quickly and under pressure. • Ability to speak, read, and write in English. • Solid working knowledge of computer applications: Microsoft office, POS systems, timekeeping systems. • Ability to calculate basic and complex math functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages). • Ability to handle cash accurately and responsibly. • Possess through working knowledge of all applicable sanitation requirements, food preparation guidelines, beverage service policies, safety standards, etc. Education and Experience • MA or MS; BA or BS with business-related major; accounting minor or credits preferred. • Minimum 5 years management experience in food-related or concessions industry. • Nationally recognized, advanced food service sanitation training course certification.
Industry :
| FMCG / Consumer Goods |
Functions :
| Hotels/ Restaurant |
Roles :
Job Location :
| Iraq |    
Preferred Gender : | Male
Years of Experience : | Min 5 , Max 8
Paid Salary : | from USD 2900 | to USD 3000    
Job Type : | Permanent Full Time



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