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Radiologist Technologist   10 May 2019
Reference # : BSO-26304
Summary : | Working with doctors, nurses and patients who might be in pain or frightened. They also need to work with the patient to move or position them to get the best image. Being a good communicator helps.
Description : | Job description: • Minimum of 1 year experience in performing diagnostic radiographs, daily maintenance of x-ray equipment and room, daily maintenance of x-ray film processor and handling and processing of radiology request, radiology reports and x-ray films. • Must have the appropriate level of behavioral maturity and patience in handling patients. • Must have the diplomacy and tact in handling difficult and irritated patients. • Explaining procedures to patients and answering questions. • Preparing equipment for use as needed. • Preparing examination rooms for patient exams. • Positioning patients for imaging exams. • Monitoring patients during exams. • Documenting information with computers. • Reporting important information to the physician. • Ensuring safety of patients during exams. • Producing diagnostic images of soft tissues. • Daily maintenance of x-ray equipment to sustain continued operations.
Industry :
| Hospitals / Health Care / Medical |
Functions :
| Other |
Roles :
Job Location :
| Saudi Arabia |    
Preferred Gender : | Any
Years of Experience : | Min 1 , Max 4
Paid Salary : | from USD 3500 | to USD 4000    
Job Type : | Permanent Full Time



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