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Labor Monitoring Officers - Beirut , Project: 18 months   24 January 2019
Reference # : BSO-26291
Summary : | Establish cooperative relationships with and facilitate communication between Districts, Government Officials, Municipalities, community members and contractors in order to facilitate community involvement in the construction works, mitigate conflict
Description : | Job Requirements: • Assist in the implementation of the community engagement strategy, including the Social Safeguards Framework to assist communities bordering the worksite to participate in the construction and maintenance activities. • Facilitate community meetings, collect requested employment data and information and support the supervision team with community-level monitoring activities. • Support the development process and implementation of Decent Work interventions and support capacity building for the relevant government bodies related to Decent Work principles • Organize awareness-raising and training activities relating to social safeguards and ensure social safeguards measures are put into practice throughout the labor-intensive construction program. • Monitor work conditions on the construction sites, ensuring adherence to labor laws and Decent Work principles. • Identify issues, blockages, misunderstandings or other possible misgivings occurring at community related components of the project and provide suggestions for corrective action. Education: First level university degree in engineering is preferred, social sciences or other related field, and preferably experience in social facilitation / community engagement. Language: Excellent command of English and Arabic. Experience: Minimum of two years of work experience in relevant field, preferably from construction with a focus on Decent Work issues, and in facilitation of community engagement and/or community development. Previous experience and familiarity with the communities in the project location is considered an advantage.
Industry :
| Engineering |
Functions :
| Construction |
Roles :
Job Location :
| Lebanon |    
Preferred Gender : | Any
Years of Experience : | Min 2 , Max 4
Paid Salary : | from USD 0 | to USD 0    
Job Type : | Contract



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