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Senior Child Rights Advisor For Baalbeck - Hermel. Contract for 6 Months   30 July 2019
Reference # : BSO-11115
Summary : | Reporting to Governor of Baalbeck-Hermel. Start date:1st September, 2019
Description : | The senior child rights advisor will coordinate with agencies to unify efforts to combat the problems affecting children in the Governorate, in accordance with the Governorate Agenda. Background: Having a complex emergency situation in its borders which has resulted huge displacements and the Republic of Lebanon have received over a million of refugees. These refugees’ stay in the area where majority of the locals are under poverty line and the social services are not up to the mark to serve them. With this challenging situation, the children and women, both the refugees and locals are the first to bear the trauma. To highlight their difficulties and bring their need high on the agenda of the government and humanitarian organization, a unit is planned to be established at governorate level. The staff in this unit should be from the same governorate and aware about the situation of children and women in its area and is able to effectively promote the rights of the most vulnerable children/ women Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians with the local authorities. Scope of work: The Senior Child Rights Advisor to the Governor of Baalbeck-Hermel will coordinate his efforts to address the vulnerabilities of children in the Governorate. There are two key functions, namely: a) Provide strategic advice and drive the Governorate plans to fulfil child rights and address children’s vulnerabilities. b) Act as the coordinator, liaison and information focal point for all key humanitarian and development actors in the Governorate. Deliverables and Schedules: The Senior Child Rights Advisor will undertake the following to accomplish the above functions: a) Keep the Governor updated/informed on key issues regarding children (Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian) living or arriving in the Governorate, by reading reports, providing summaries and briefs to the Governor, and analysing and interpreting the data, and advising the Governor on issues relating to Children and Youth, Education, Child Protection, Health and Nutrition, WASH, and Participation (Inclusiveness); b) Working closely with colleagues in UNICEF, support the Governor to develop a long-term plan for a Child and Adolescent Friendly Governorate. Implement specific activities as per the plan. c) Coordinate and collaborate with UNICEF team in Zahle on all child related matters, and advise on challenges, opportunities and way forward. d) Engage and liaise with local authorities: Unions of Municipalities, Municipalities, Mokhtars, line ministries, religious leaders, politicians and communities to promote and advocate for the rights of children and facilitate their protection and enhance their participation in activities. As required, assist the Governor in convening meetings, workshops and conferences to discuss the situation of children in the Governorate. e) Maintain regular contacts with and attend meetings of humanitarian and development agencies in the Governorate. Keep upto date on the progress, challenges and opportunities to advocate for children’s rights. f) Be the first point of contact for all humanitarian and development agencies seeking support / consultation from / with the Governor and his Governorate. g) Support the Governor in establishing monthly / quarterly meeting structures with the humanitarian and development agencies to identify support areas, discuss challenges and way forward. Take minutes and follow up on key action points. h) Support Governor to set up a coordination structure for all efforts, including implementation, monitoring and reporting on child rights with specific focus on the most vulnerable issues in his Governorate that would include all relevant actors (government entities, municipalities, unions of municipalities, NGOs, UN agencies, donors, etc.) i) Follow up with local authorities and entities on decisions taken by the Governor in regard to children. j) Assist/join the Governor in meetings and events as needed. Deliverables (as per attached schedule of deliverables) • Information sheet on child rights highlights to the Governor prepared by the Senior Advisor in collaboration with UNICEF. • With support from UNICEF, draft a short-term plan for Child Friendly Governorate. Follow up on the implementation of the plan, and report progress on a monthly basis. • Work with two of the 6 High and Medium Integration Municipalities and develop a plan for child-friendly municipality. • Coordinate with all humanitarian and development agencies in the Governorate, arrange monthly / quarterly meeting (as per the advice of the Governor), take minutes of meetings and follow up. • Follow up on progress of initiatives identified by the targeted municipalities and monitor results. • Meetings of the UNICEF staff, its Visitors, Donors with the Governors and the Mayors on need basis. • Facilitate Governor’s endorsement and engagement in UNCIEF campaigns as needed to increase public awareness. Timing Duration: 1st of September 2019 – 29th February 2020 Reporting Requirements The Senior Child Rights advisor will be expected to provide reports on the progress made in the implementation and execution of the above outlined deliverables as per the schedule of deliverables. The reports should be submitted to UNICEF Local Government Specialists at the Zahle field office for technical review and inputs prior the final signature of the Governor as Supervisor and submission to the Third Party. Profile Requirements Experience of working in the humanitarian/human rights field is required. Relevant experience of working in/with the government structures and understanding its procedure will be required. Fluency in Arabic, English is essential. a. Education: • Masters in social sciences or a related discipline with 3-5 years of fulltime experience or a Bachelor’s degree with 5-7 years of relevant experience; b. Experience: • At least 3-5 years’ experience working closely with a government ministry or agency, or with government officials on the planning, implementation, monitoring public projects or in coordination with government and non-government actors. • Experience of working with local institutions, municipalities, preparation and development of plans, monitoring and evaluation. • Previous experience in child rights programming, or working with the United Nations is a plus c. Skills and personal traits: • Ability to manage multiple tasks using a project management approach in a rapidly changing environment. • Ability to work at different levels: with Governor, Mayors and Councillors, communities and colleagues from UNICEF/UN agencies and INGOs/NGOs. • Highly motivated, with strong initiative and good judgement. • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of people. • He/she must be fluent in English and Arabic. • Skills in report writing, analytical and concise. Experience of using microsoft word, excel and power point Administrative Issues • Supervisor: Governor of the Area • Technical certifying officers: Governor. • It is a 6 months contract, based in the governorate office with frequent travel to municipalities upon the governor’s request • UNICEF will assist the governor, upon request to provide the advisor with a desk and a laptop; • The senior child rights advisor is not entitled to payment of overtime. All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
Industry :
| NGO |
Functions :
| Other |
Roles :
| Other Roles |
Job Location :
| Lebanon |    
Preferred Gender : | Any
Years of Experience : | Min 3 , Max 5
Paid Salary : | from USD 0 | to USD 0   | Negotiable  
Job Type : | Contract



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