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The secret of success in any interview is to be well prepared morally and intellectually.   Always remember that the employer has chosen your Résumé simply because you showed them you are capable of doing the job they are offering.
Ensure you have a good background of the company you applied to work for.
Visit the company's website and learn their profile and history well.
Be prepared to answer why you're interested to work them.
Find information about their competitors. 
Give good impression:

Dress code has to be formal. 
It`s must to have a copy of your Résumé with you in the interview.
Be punctual - arrive before time. 
A firm handshake can help give the first impression.
Stay calm and be relaxed - just be yourself. The interviewer is interested in your true personality. 
Make eye contact and spread smiles - this may get the interviewer on side.
Focus on the questions to answer properly. If unsure, ask for clarification then answer correctly.
Keep your answers short. Remember, an interviewer has a lot of questions to ask in a limited time.
In the end, ask the right questions - stick to questions related to the job description.


Most Asked Questions from an interviewer:

How would you describe yourself? 
How would your manager describe you? 
Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
What motivates you? 
Give an example of when you have coped well under pressure at work? 
What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

This final question is tricky. It's best to admit to any weak points and then immediately explain how you've overcome them.



Questions you may ask:

What are the opportunities for training and career progression? 
What are my responsibilities? 
What are the targets for the first six months?
How long will it take you to make a final decision? 

Be prepared before the interview takes place:

Our consultants will do their best to walk you through the process - they will make sure to brief you on the company you plan to work for and will explain roles and responsibilities.  

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