There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs

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The other day I received an e-mail that really fired me up.

It wasn’t so much this particular e-mail but the TONE of the e-mail combined with the amount of similar e-mails I have received way too many times. The person sending the e-mail was innocent, it was my reaction to the amount of these that I have received that fired me up.

Without going into specifics of the e-mail, the essence of it was challenging that success couldn’t happen without some ‘secret’ or short cut…and if I would share what it was.

OK, I’m going to YELL now, so cover your ears if you are sensitive to screaming:

“There is no elevator to success…

You have to take the STAIRS”

I love that saying.  And here is WHY… I get questions about “short cuts” and “magic bullets” all of the time.

I get questions all the time like:  “what is the quickest way to…” or “what is the ONE trick that…”   Here is the thing, there is no magic pill or shortcut that leads to quality RESULTS!  Sorry, they don’t exist…NOT for your body, not for your business, not for your relationships, not for ANYTHING worthwhile.

There are no magic pills, no magic devices, no magic books that will solve your problems. There is not ONE person you can hire that will make your business take off.

How bad do you want it?

If you want to succeed at something and you are focusing on why everyone else appears to be succeeding except for you, here is my advice to you:  stop assuming everyone else that is successful has some “secret” or “magic pill” that you don’t.  Start by getting real with yourself and be ACCOUNTABLE.

I know people like to look at others and think that they have better “genetics”, got a hookup, or help from some other outside force.  I get it, it makes people feel better when rationalizing another person’s success.  But let’s be real here, it is the hard work that got somebody IN a position to be offered an opportunity.  Even then, it is NOT the opportunity that makes a person, it is what you DO with those opportunities that make or breaks you.

 Where there is a will, there is a way

Where there is a will there is a way and there is a formula for EVERYONE if you want it bad enough and are WILLING to actually do the work

So, are you READY to do the work?

Are you READY to be accountable and make a success of yourself?

I don’t have a “one thing” answer for you but I DO have the general formula.

The Magic Formula

Are you ready for it?  Well here it is….

1. DECIDE what you want, and COMMIT to not quitting until you accomplish it.

2. COMMIT to the process. Nothing happens overnight.

3. DO THE HARD WORK.  Be determined and most importantly, be consistent. Do the work not for an hour, a day, a week or a month…but EVERY DAY until you reach your goal.

Don’t believe me? Ask anyone continually successfully at anything how they got there and they will tell you that they DID THE WORK.


 There is NO elevator to success, you have to take the STAIRS!

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